Вскрытие мембран

В случаях, когда снижение производительности мембран требует точного диагноза, может потребоваться вскрытие мембраны. Мы даем рекомендации по проведению вскрытия мембран, выполняем вскрытие и помогаем Вам истолковать полученные результаты. Мы можем определить тип отложений, накипи и степень повреждения мембраны, а также дать рекомендации по решению данных проблем. We use a destructive autopsy procedure to analyze the foulant in the membrane itself. Nalco's Membrane Service Centers are some of the largest and best-equipped laboratories in the world that specialize in this type of work.
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Service Details

What is the membrane autopsy process?

Nalco's Membrane Solutions Group can:

  • Recommend when to use an autopsy procedure. Generally, we recommend the autopsy only when a detectable biofilm or fouling layer has established itself.
  • Perform the autopsy. Our world-class laboratories are equipped for expert analysis.
  • Provide you with clear results that you need for better analysis. With those autopsy results, we provide recommendations to help you determine the best strategies for resolving the membrane fouling problem.


What does a membrane autopsy involve?

The autopsy analyses can include:

  • Selection of the representative element(s).
  • Dissection of a fouled membrane element, to reveal the membrane leaves and plastic spacer material.
  • Chemical, microbiological and microscopic examination.
  • Crossflow test cells to characterize membrane performance.
  • Identification of the key foulants.
  • Documentation through photographs.
  • Remedies and recommendations.