Block Whitener™

Customers can judge your store's cleanliness by the whiteness of your blocks. We have developed a programme to keep your blocks clean and white whilst making your operations safe and efficient.
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Clean, Safe, Efficient

Block Whitener™ penetrates even deep cuts and scratches to remove the toughest stains and food soils. Its gel-based formula helps prevent splashes and spills, so it is safer and easier to use than liquid bleach. The contained abrasive elements and its chlorine concentration minimise the mechanical action that is required in the cleaning process and reduces the cost per use compared to conventional bleaching products.

  •  Clean - dramatically improves cutting board cleanliness and aspect
  •  Safe - gel formula avoids spillage
  •  Efficient - reduces the need for scrubbing and periodical planning

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Компания Kay, входящая в состав компании Ecolab, специализируется на предоставлении программ и услуг в соответствии с самыми строгими требованиями по обеспечению безопасности пищевых продуктов и соблюдению санитарных норм, принятыми в отрасли общественного питания быстрого обслуживания.

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