Surgical Room Turnover made easy with CleanOp Customized Surgical Turnover Kits

CleanOp® Customized Surgical Room Turnover Kits

An industry standard and leader in risk reduction for the O.R., CleanOp® decreases room turnover time, improves your bottom line and enhances infection control. Одноразовые расходные материалы, надлежащее оборудование и правильно обученный персонал позволяют слаженно и эффективно готовить операционные для новых пациентов.
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Customize Your CleanOp® System with the components that work best for you:

  • Mojave® Super-Absorbent Linens
    • With patent super absorbent polymers in a high performance trilaminate fabric. Mojave table covers wick fluids away from the patient's skin.
  • "Quick-Draw" Bags
    • Quick-close CleanOp® draw-cord bags seal more quickly and easily to prevent spillage, yet open easily for additional items.
  • Positioner and Armboard Covers
    • Unique, impervious CleanOp® covers protect positioners and armboards.
  • Mops
    • Specially designed, disposable mops cost effectively ensure a fresh, clean mop for every room turn.
  • Pillowcases/headrest covers
  • Wipes

The CleanOp® Value Add Program includes essential extras:

  • Gel armboard and head positioners
  • Hampers with lids
  • "Quick-drop" mop sticks
  • Pour and spray bottles
  • Storage containers for disposable supplies

Mojave® Super-Absorbent Surgical Table linens offer three layers for triple protection. Mojave® absorbs 10 times its own weight in fluids and 35 times more than ordinary table linens.

Mojave Super Absorbent Linen with callouts 1. Breathable, comforable upper patient layer 2. Impervious backing prevents strike through to matress and table 3. Super-Absorbent Polymers wick fluids away and lock them in

CleanOp® Staff training includes:

  • How to turn rooms in less time
  • How to document essential processes
  • How to reduce and handle red bag waste
  • How to follow compliance procedures on infection control techniques
  • Follow-up training as needed to assure proper risk reduction

CleanOp® staff training fundamentals are valuable in helping provide the level of risk reduction you desire in room turnover. We'll work with your staff to help assure rooms are turnover over properly. Even when you have changes in staff, we can provide the added CleanOp® training.

*Note: Medical devices advertised here may not have been licensed in accordance with regional regulations or country specific (e.g. Canadian) laws.
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