Incidin® Premium Wipes

Wipe roll (99 wipes/roll) of high-quality, dry lint-free fleece cloth for combined use with select Ecolab environmental hygiene products from the Incidin® product line.

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Информация о продукте

Incidin Premium Wipes are designed for use in combination with select Ecolab environmental hygiene products (e.g. Incidin Pro) for very easy and user-friendly handling of surface disinfection.

  • Wipe roll of high-quality, dry lint-free fleece cloth with a safety label – for identifying the product and the filling date.
  • Perfect cleaning and disinfection of smaller surfaces/medical products
  • Easy and user-friendly handling
  • Simple filling using Ecolab dispenser technology or manually prepared application solution
  • Compatible with select Ecolab environmental hygiene products
  • Stability time: up to 28 days

Incidin Wipes Dispenser N with Incidin Premium Wipes


Wear gloves and remove cover. Wipe dispensers to be rinsed and cleaned with disinfection solution before filling.


The following Incidin surface disinfection solutions should be used in recommended concentrations: Incidin Plus, Incidin Extra N and Incidin Rapid; Incidin Liquid and Incidin Foam should be used undiluted. For
Incidin Premium Wipes wipe dispenser to be filled with min. 2,5L of solution.

Remove the rolls of wipes from their packaging wearing gloves and pull the first wipe out from the middle of the roll.

Feed the first wipe through the opening of the cover and then
reclose the casing (using cover). Once the solution has been
refilled, wait for 30 minutes to an hour to ensure that all wipes
are sufficiently impregnated.

Place Incidin Premium Wipes roll in the middle of the wipes dispenser.

Soaked wipes can be used for a period of up to 28 days.

Mark safety label and stick it on the container.


Recommended products

Incidin Premium Wipes achieve the best performance in combination with Ecolab environmental hygiene products:

  • Incidin Pro
  • Incidin Plus
  • Incidin Extra N
  • Incidin Rapid
  • Incidin Liquid
  • Incidin Foam

Besides Ecolab environmental hygiene products, Incidin Premium Wipes can also be combined with products from other manufacturers.
Please note the recommendations for use from the respective manufacturer.