Oil Refining Process Solutions

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Refinery configurations—complex systems of multiple processes and chemical reactions—are structured to meet the needs of the markets they serve. Understanding refinery systems—how they work, relate and the challenges they face—is crucial to operational and economic success. We provide the depth of expertise to help you maximize your profits. Our solutions and chemical programs protect your assets, mitigate risk and meet your obligations on time.
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From the reservoir to the refinery, our businesses solve energy's toughest challenges. And while the name on the truck, tool or uniform may differ, the people of Nalco Champion, WellChem, TIORCO, FabTech and Quantum Technical Services are unified in our commitment to deliver the consistent experience demanded by energy's global leaders.

To request additional information about Nalco Champion Refining Treatment products and services just complete the form below and a Nalco Champion representative will contact you. To inquire about career opportunities please refer to the careers section.

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We offer advanced chemistries to help you protect your infrastructure during the complex process of creating higher-value products. Our heavy-oil upgrading programs are designed to mitigate fouling, corrosion, foaming and other side effects of heavy crude blends.


We have extensive knowledge of fouling, corrosion and catalyst contamination. Our Water and Process Solutions teams conduct systems audits and a variety of analyses, including water and refinery process streams, in order to provide a more specialized, effective solution.