Raj V. Rajan, PhD

Dr. Raj Rajan is the RD&E Vice President and Global Sustainability Technical Leader for Ecolab. In his current role, Dr. Rajan helps drive top-line growth for Ecolab and its customers by embedding sustainability thought leadership into the innovation process, environmental metrics in internal operations and sector-level standardization of sustainability metrics.

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Raj V. Rajan
Ecolab RD&E Vice President, Sustainability

Previously, Dr. Rajan was Vice President of Engineering in the Water, Energy and Waste Division, serving Ecolab’s customers in the Food & Beverage sector. Dr. Rajan came to Ecolab in 2008 through the acquisition of Ecovation, where he led process engineering focused on sustainable management of residues from the food and beverage industry, including the design, construction, financing and operations of waste to renewable energy facilities. Prior to joining Ecovation, he worked for two decades in research, process engineering and environmental consulting firms, developing biodegrading solutions for challenging industrial wastewaters and bioremediation of legacy impacts from heavy industries.

Dr. Rajan has 30 years of experience in water cycle management and environmental process engineering for the paper, petroleum, chemical, utility, food, beverage, transportation, and energetics industries and the travel and tourism sector. His technical expertise covers design and implementation of water, wastewater and waste management projects and renewable energy generation systems. He sits on the board of directors of Great River Greening, a non-profit that has worked to secure the legacy of Minnesota land and water through community-based restoration, stewardship and partnerships since 1995. He is active in industry groups focused on developing greenhouse gas mitigation, climate change adaptation, and water stewardship guidance documents, implementing context and impact based environmental metrics, and defining sector-specific sustainable growth benchmarks.

Dr. Rajan received his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi (India). He is a licensed and registered professional engineer in Michigan and Ohio (USA).