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Nalco merges with Ecolab; Ecolab acquires Champion; Nalco Champion is formed.
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2001 Nalco renamed; NEEC becomes part of company

Nalco is renamed Ondeo Nalco, reflecting a new identity as a member of the Ondeo family of water-related businesses of Suez. Nalco strengthens its leadership role in the petroleum industry as Nalco/Exxon Energy Chemicals, L.P. (NEEC) becomes part of the company through redemption of Exxon Mobil stock in the joint venture. NEEC generates 500 $ million in annual sales through its 1 800 sales people, engineers and other employees.

2002 Champion enters joint venture in Scotland

Champion forms a joint venture called Champion Servo in Aberdeen, Scotland, to strengthen its presence in the Eastern Hemisphere.

2003 Ondeo Nalco purchased, rebranded

USFilter and Ondeo Nalco enter into a strategic partnership providing equipment, chemicals and service to industrial customers. An investment group composed of the Blackstone Group, Apollo Management L. P. and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners buy Ondeo Nalco and reintroduce the Nalco Company.

2004 Nalco announces 3D TRASAR® technology

Nalco announces 3D TRASAR® technology, the most comprehensive approach to cooling system management available. It provides the ability to monitor and control cooling water systems in real time, keeping these vital systems operating at peak efficiency regardless of demands.

2007 Nalco enters air pollution control market

A series of secondary stock offerings in the following years eliminates the investor group stake in Nalco in early 2007.

Компания Nalco приобретает контрольный пакет акций Mobotec и выходит на рынок контроля загрязнения воздуха как Nalco Mobotec.

2008 Nalco exceeds 4 $ billion in sales

Впервые в истории компании Nalco ее глобальные продажи превысили 4 млрд долларов США.

2010 Champion acquires Chemtech

Champion Technologies acquires Chemtech Chemical Services, LLC to expand its offerings in the power, fertilizer and petrochemical markets.

2011 Nalco merges with Ecolab

Ecolab and Nalco shareholders overwhelmingly approved the merger of the two companies. With subsequent receipt of the final remaining anti-trust approval, Ecolab Inc. completes the merger with Nalco Holding Company.

2013 Ecolab forms Nalco Champion

Ecolab Inc. closes on its acquisition of Champion Technologies/CorsiTech and forms a new business unit: Nalco Champion.

2014 Eastern Hemisphere Manufacturing Plant Opens

The Eastern Hemisphere Core Plant (EHCP) begins manufacturing oil and gas chemical solutions from a 106,000-square-meter site on Jurong Island, Singapore. Construction of the facility, which totaled approximately three million man-hours, was completed with zero injuries.

2015 Nalco Champion Acquires UltraFab

Nalco Champion acquires Ultra Fab Industries Ltd. (UltraFab), the designer and manufacturer of customized H2S solutions and specialized chemical injection systems for the oil and gas industry.

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