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Commercial laundry operations are no simple matter. From distinct chemistry dosing to technical programming details, tunnel washers create complex challenges. When one commercial laundry facility was feeling the pain of these challenges, they called Ecolab’s Tunnel Doctors™ for treatment.

The laundry was experiencing high water consumption, diluted chemicals in targeted zones and improper finishing of linens due to inconsistent pH levels, resulting in towels with poor wash quality and rough feel. They desperately needed help improving their results – and their operational efficiency.

И мы предписали им решение, которое радикально улучшило качество стирки и повысило эффективность.

45 000 $

With a specialized skill set no one else can offer, our Tunnel Doctors performed a complete plant survey and thorough analysis of all tunnel operations, chemistry and processes. They identified improper settings in the rinse zone, over-dilution of chemistry, leaking valves and excessive temperature settings in the dryer – and then prescribed solutions that decreased water and energy consumption, optimized dosing and pH levels, and vastly improved overall wash quality and feel. With the gains the laundry made in efficiency, they were able to invest in new technologies to grow their business and maximize their profits.

  • Выявление и устранение недостатков помогло предприятию сэкономить 303 680 галлонов воды в течение года.
  • Общая стоимость коммунальных услуг за год сократилась на 45 000 долларов.
  • Специалисты Ecolab обслуживают более 70 процентов туннельных стиральных машин в Северной Америке.
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