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Together with our Customers

We integrate business goals and sustainability goals. And when these two driving forces line up, big things happen. Powerful change. Real impact. It’s how the food we eat gets safer. The water we use, cleaner. The energy we need, more efficient. And the environment healthier. We’re more than a purveyor of technologies and services — we’re a catalyst. For our customers. 

For positive change. For a better world.

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Отчет устойчивого развития за 2017 год - Разделы

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Перемены ради успеха наших клиентов

Ощутимые изменения в реальном мире

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Изменения через лидерство

Партнерство ради большего блага

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Изменения изнутри

Подавая пример

Doug Baker
A Letter from our Chairman and CEO

"We like to think of our company as a catalyst, because the work we do delivers both economic and environmental benefits to drive positive change in the world."


Наш вклад

In 2017, we helped our customers:

Чистая вода
Чистая вода

Conserve more than 171 billion gallons of water

Manage 1,1 trillion gallons (4,2 trillion liters) of process and potable water

Conserve drinking water for more than 590 million people

And we are working to help our customers save 300 billion gallons of water annually by 2030


Безопасные продукты питания
Безопасные продукты питания

Safely produce 44% of the global milk supply

Safely produce more than 25% 
of the world’s processed food

Support clean kitchens, serving 45 billion restaurant meals

And we work to help customers prevent more than 1 million foodborne illnesses each year


Избыточная энергия
Избыточная энергия

Conserve more than 12 trillion БТЕ

Reduce the water and energy footprint of 40% of the world’s petroleum production

Generate more than 20% из
the world’s power

And we aim to reduce CO2e by 10% in
our own operations by 2020


Здоровая окружающая среда
Здоровая окружающая среда

Clean more than 40 billion hands

Delight guests with more than
800 million clean hotel rooms

Чистое 6 million hospital and long-term care patient rooms

And we work to help hospitals reduce the risk of HAIs for as many as 10 000 people



Measuring Our Impact

Through our patented eROISM approach, we measure the economic, operational and environmental impact of our solutions for our customers.

Learn More About eROI



Sustainable Development Goals
Supporting the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

Ecolab is committed to partnerships and programs that fulfill the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – in particular, Goal 6, to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.