Cardiology Ultrasound Probe Covers

The widest range of latex and latex-free products specially designed for use in cardiology. Manufactured to the highest standards in Holland each product is 100% quality checked before release.
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The Right Choice of Specialist Protective Covers

With the ever increasing use of ultrasound solutions in the healthcare setting it is ever more important to ensure you protect your patients and your expensive equipment with the right cover. With over 15 years of experience in providing the best solutions for all your ultrasound needs you can be confident in your choice for our products.

TOE Cover

Trans Oesophageal Echocardiography Probecover

Unique latex-free and high elastic probe cover with applicator for easy use and transmission gel syringe already set in place.

Наше предложение Ваше преимущество
Dipped probe cover universal to all TOE probes Seamless and very elastic cover for optimum fit and bet patient comfort
Latex-free Protection of patients sensitive to latex
Efficient applicator East application of cover on the probie
Transmission gel syringe set in place Fast and simple transmission gel injection, tine saviing
Individually tested Optimum safety for patients and staff