Equipment and Facilities Engineering Design

Nalco FabTech’s engineering and design expertise spans tertiary oil recovery, salt water disposals, uranium mining, coal dust suppression, oil sands tailing treatment, mobile treating units, fracking units, and engineering FEED studies. Additionally, we are authorized as DOT partial and complete vehicle and trailer designers and ASME Code vessel designers. We engineer safety and quality into all FabTech facilities and equipment to ensure reliable, effective performance.
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  4. Equipment and Facilities Engineering Design

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Nalco FabTech
4500 33 Mile Road
Casper, WY 82604

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Program Details

Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams P&IDs

Your finished project should match your initial form, functionality and engineering requirements. FabTech engineers create and oversee P&IDs to prevent any deviation from your original scope, ensuring that your project is built to your specifications, start to finish.

3D Modeling and Parametric Design

Optimize your footprint and maintain your working schedules with flexible, accurate drafting and design. We use 3D parametric solids modeling to test facility concepts and serviceability. Equipped to spot challenges in the planning phases, we minimize reworking during construction.

Finite Element Analysis
Through finite element analysis we apply realistic environmental, installation and operational forces to a design to search for weaknesses and understand how equipment is likely to perform in its environment. By proving a design before it is built, we often realize R&D savings for you.
Piping Stress Analysis
Nalco FabTech provides piping calculations for high thermal variance piping, high pressure piping and to help your systems meet ASME, API and international piping codes. We also design and build safe, reliable piping systems for mobile and stationary units.
Research and Development (R&D) Support
Need a pilot project partner? Nalco FabTech provides feasibility studies, engineering, design, equipment fabrication, installation and operational assistance for R&D departments and pilot projects throughout the world. We are an experienced, collaborative addition to your team.
Hydraulic Systems Design and Schematics
We design mobile hydraulic systems that safely provide full power to multiple pieces of equipment in the most demanding environments. Each driven component operates only within its listed design envelope. All systems are documented with a complete hydraulic schematic.